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National Pizza Day 2018

Amazing Pizza Facts

In celebration of National Pizza Day (our favourite day of the year!), we have put together some very interesting pizza facts to get you thinking about the fascinating world Apache Pizza is apart of.


  • Did you know that pizza was originally only eaten by poor people in Naples, Italy because it was inexpensive and fast to eat.


  • The oldest pizzeria in the world, Antica Pizzeria, opened in Naples, Italy in 1830! That’s 188 years ago!


  • Arguably the most well-known pizza of them all, the margherita pizza, was named after Queen Margherita of Italy. When she tried it on a royal visit to Naples, she became so intrigued by the peasants delicacy that she requested an assortment of pizzas. Her Favourite is now known as a margherita pizza.


Apache’s original margherita pizza


  • The first pizzeria in America, G. Lombardi’s opened in Manhattan in 1905 and is still open today. Just shows pizza stands the test of time!


  • October is National Pizza Month in America. The 9th of February is National Pizza Day and the 5th of September is National Cheese Pizza Day.


  • The pizza business boomed in the 1940s after American Troops returned from Italy with a craving for pizza and began opening their own pizzerias.


  • Di Fara in Brooklyn has been called New York City’s Best Pizza. Despite long wait times, people still say the pizza is worth the wait. One for the bucket list!





  • In the 60’s, at the height of the Cold War, the U.S Army spied on politicians and reporters disguised as pizza delivery guys (the perfect disguise!)


  • The most expensive pizza in the world costs almost €9,000. The pizza created by Chef Renato Viola includes 3 types of caviar and will be made at your house for you.


  • Over 10% of all American pizzeria’s are situated in New York City. There’s over a staggering 9,000 in the city.


  • The pizza market is currently a $3 billion industry.


  • Pepperoni is the most popular topping while anchovies are the least popular (no surprise there!)


  • In America, approximately 21,000 slices are eaten every minute. That’s over 30 million slices in one day!


  • Apache Pizza was established back in 1996 with two stores on the north side Dublin.


  • Since then, Apache Pizza has expanded all over the country with nearly 160 stores nationwide from Skibbereen, Athlone, Kenmare, Bray, Buncrana to Belfast as well as many others. See https://www.apache.ie/store for all stores.

  • One of Apache Pizza’s most popular pizzas is our Big Buffalo topped with premium pepperoni, ham, American style beef balls, bacon, chicken and sausage.


  • To celebrate National Pizza Day, Apache Pizza’s HQ Facebook page will be running a competition to win a free large pizza. Be sure to check it out and enter! HAPPY DAYS!