Apache Pizza and the Pizza Sunday Club

Apache Pizza and the Pizza Sunday Club

Apache Pizza and the Pizza Sunday Club


Every Sunday at 8.30pm, in the heart of Dublin City, Apache Pizza and the Pizza Sunday Club join forces to provide free pizzas and live entertainment to those experiencing homelessness. The aim of is ‘to break down the barriers between people experiencing homelessness and other members of the public. We help facilitate social interactions through food and music.’ – Pizza Sunday Club. If you are ever in town on a Sunday night, you can pop over to the stall and get involved. With live music and entertainment, it is it great place to meet and chat with new people from all walks of life! All the volunteers and visitors are always happy to welcome anyone who has a spare ten minutes to chat.


When the Pizza Sunday Club got in touch, we were more than happy to help this unique and great cause. Our first choice of stores to provide the pizzas was Apache Temple Bar and Rathmines. These stores are both in the city, are well established and very experienced. We knew we could count on them to deliver delicious pizzas every Sunday.


Apache Pizza donate and deliver 10 Large Margherita and 10 Large Pepperoni Pizzas to the Pizza Sunday Club in front of the Disney store on Grafton Street. Without fail, there is always a huge crowd patiently awaiting the arrival of the pizzas.

Pizza Templebar

Pizza Rathmines

No matter the weather, PSC and Apache are there. We believe, no matter who you are, pizza can put a smile on your face and satisfy that hunger. PSC believe this too and that is why Apache Pizza works so well as a sponsor.


As the demand for PSC continues to grow, we hope that we can grow with them. As everyone is aware, the homelessness crisis in Ireland is among one of the worst in Europe. With that in mind, if you feel like helping or getting involved with Pizza Sunday Club, you can find all you need to know here: https://pizzasundayclub.com/about-us/


What the PSC club has to say about Apache Pizza


‘’Pizza Sunday Club helps create awareness for a problem that is ongoing in Dublin city, the social aspect of it is amazing we have built a community and hear from a lot of the people experiencing homelessness, that Sundays are the highlight of their week because sometimes we might be the only person that would talk to them that whole week.
Apache has some loyal fans as many will not eat any of the other things we may have in stock on the day.

For close to 2 years now, Apache Pizza have been connected with us and have been nothing but helpful to our cause. They were delighted to get on board and they generously offered us 10 large margaritas and 10 large pepperoni pizzas each week. As we all know pizza is a treat for everyone and Apache have just helped reach some people who it is just out of their grasp.’’

Pizza Dublin