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The Life of Slim Slice: Apache Pizza Mascot

Welcome back to the official Apache Pizza Blog! This week we are going to take a look at the life of our beloved mascots, Slim Slice. Our mascots are very busy traipsing up and down the country attending all sorts of events (at this stage they are veteran socialites!). They are welcomed as VIP’s everywhere they go and love the camera!

You can find them handing out free pizzas around Balbriggan to getting busy in the kitchen with your orders in Belfast! There is never a dull moment when the Apache Pizza’s Slim Slice walks in. They will just about do anything to put a smile on your face. They have on numerous occasions personally handed out pizza to competition winners all over the country which always goes down a treat!

Slim Slice was recently the VIP at the grand opening of Apache Pizza Blackrock which opened winter 2017.

Take a look at just a snippet of what Slim Slice gets up to on a daily basis.

If you spot Slim Slice out and about be sure to take a photo and post to Facebook using #SlimSlice and tagging your local Apache Pizza store.


Pizza Balbriggan

Apache Pizza Balbriggan – Slim Slice spreading Christmas cheer all over Balbriggan with free pizza

Balbriggan Pizza

Link to Balbriggan St. Patrick’s Day parade: https://www.facebook.com/ApachePizzaBalbriggan/videos/1010668618961127/


pizza near Balbriggan

Balbriggan library fun

pizza delivery Balbriggan

Slim Slice Family Photo

Pizza Mullingar

Apache Pizza Mullingar Christmas competition – Slim Slice surprising lucky winners of Apache Mullingar’s competition

pizza Monaghan

Apache Pizza Monaghan – Slim Slice dropping in for a visit

Monaghan Pizza

Apache Pizza Monaghan – working the streets handing out flyers

Apache Pizza Carlow – Spreading some pizza love with Carlow’s competition winner

pizza Kells

Apache Pizza Kells – Slim Slice joining in on the Paddy’s Day parade 2017

Kells Pizza

Apache Pizza Kells family photo

Pizza Belfast

Apache Pizza Belfast – letting the people of Belfast know about the great deals instore

Pizza near Belfast

Apache Pizza Belfast – Putting the work in the kitchen

Pizza Blackrock

Apache Pizza Blackrock – VIP of the grand opening and trying the first pizza!