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Apache Pizza’s First Blog – Apache Monaghan Awards

Apache Pizza’s First Blog – Apache Monaghan Awards

Welcome to the new official Apache Pizza blog. Here you will find everything you need to know about Apache Pizza from the stores to the dough. This series of posts will highlight a store where you, the customer can learn a little bit more about your local Apache Pizza. You will get the opportunity to get to know the store owners, staff and the all the hard work that Apache Pizza does, as a brand and as part of your community. Before we dive into the blog, be sure to check out Apache Pizza’s story here: https://www.apache.ie/about-us

To kick of our first ever blog, we have enlisted the amazing Bronagh and Maurice, owners of Apache Pizza Monaghan to tell all about their thriving store in the heart of Monaghan town. Apache Pizza Monaghan is a family run business. It has been a part of the community since first opening their doors as the 80th Apache Pizza store back on the 8th of December 2014. Since then, Bronagh, Maurice and their two daughters Kelly and Katie have built on the Apache Pizza brand by serving quality pizza in a ‘cool, funky family place’. Bronagh believes that the success of Apache Pizza Monaghan is down to her dedicated and local staff that work instore.

Bronagh describes her staff at Apache Pizza Monaghan as a ‘family that know how to have a laugh while still working hard.’ Having a happy and busy work force directly affects the customers they serve every day. Apache Pizza Monaghan is known for having staff that are both friendly and welcoming that make, serve and deliver delicious pizza! Apache Pizza Monaghan not only promises great service but delivers too! The proof is in the extensive list of awards the store has collected over the last two years:

  • Best Store Award 2016: Apache Pizza Monaghan
  • Operational Gold Award 2016: Apache Pizza Monaghan
  • FSEI Bronze Award 2016: Apache Pizza Monaghan
  • Best Overall Apache Pizza Store 2015: Monaghan

Apache Pizza Monaghan Award


Bronagh and Maurice believe that making Apache Pizza a one stop shop for all walks of life allows Apache Pizza Monaghan to stand out from their competitors. They are constantly adding to the store with shakes and slushies now on offer. Bronagh has plans to add more by incorporating coffee, iced coffees and hot chocolate to their extended menu. Apache Pizza Monaghan is the perfect spot to grab your coffee and pizza on the go or for a sit down instore.

Apache Pizza Monaghan is known for catering to all walks of life. On a daily basis students, families, the lunch time rush and even the nightclub night owls all find themselves enjoying something from Apache Pizza’s diverse menu.

You can order online or through the app here:



Pizza Monaghan Monaghan Pizza











One of the highlights for Monaghan town this year was Aaron “Silencer” McKenna from Monaghan, becoming the youngest Irishman to turn professional at just 18 years old. His staggering 152 wins both nationally and internationally has captured the attention of both Monaghan and Apache Pizza. From the beginning, Apache Pizza Monaghan has supported Aaron and will continue to do so as McKenna intends to be ‘’world champion by 21’’.


Apache pizza Monaghan boxing sponsorship


From all this, 2018 promises to be an exciting year for both Apache Pizza and Monaghan town. As Bronagh and Maurice own several Apache Pizza stores, this is just the beginning of their story here on the Apache Pizza Blog! But until then, you can find daily updates and competitions on the Apache Pizza Monaghan Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/www.apache.ie/

Till next week