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Vicar Street The Shambles
H54 T102 County Galway

Delivery Times
Mon-Thu: 15:30 - 22:50
Fri-Sat: 14:30 - 23:20
Sun: 14:30 - 22:50
Opening Times
Mon-Thu: 15:15 - 22:50
Fri-Sat: 14:15 - 23:20
Sun: 14:15 - 22:50

 Pizza  Tuam

Apache pizza delivering quality for less. All delivery orders are € 3.00 within a 5 km radius, and € 1.00 extra per km outside this area, Apache Tuam delivers up to a 12km radius. We reserve the right to limit our delivery area in Tuam. Delivery closes 15min before closing time. Ask instore for details.


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