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Apache Pizza Zero Contact Delivery Protocol


All of us who work at Apache Pizza are aware that we are facing exceptional times, in which it is absolutely necessary for everyone to contribute towards reducing the spread of the COVID-19 . As a result, we are introducing a Zero Contact Delivery Service, which will enable our customers to keep enjoying our products without having to worry about the safety of their order and our staff. This service will be available for all orders that are paid electronically using our website or app.

A service with a strict protocol that guarantees the safety of our employees and customers. 

1. Customers are kindly asked to place and pay for their orders online on our website or app.


2. The Delivery Drivers wash their hands before picking up the delivery and are supplied with sanitiser and gloves.


3. The Delivery Driver will place an empty pizza box on the floor in front of the customer's door. 

4. The order will be placed on the empty box to prevent the products from touching the ground.  

5. When ready, the Delivery Driver will inform the customer that the order has arrived by ringing the doorbell or the telephone. 

6. The Delivery Driver will be standing in safe distance of minimum 2 meters and wait for the customer to pick the product up. Once the customer has picked up the product and left, the delivery man picks up the empty box and returns to the vehicle.

7. Delivery Drivers sanitize their hands after returning to the vehicle and wash their hands upon return to the store.






What is Zero contact Delivery Service?

We are implementing in Apache Pizza our Zero Contact Delivery servicewhich follows a strict protocol to guarantee the safety of our couriers and of our customers by preventing any type of physical contact at the time of delivery of our products.


How does Zero Contact Delivery Service work?

  1. Customers place and pay online for their delivery orders through our website or app
  2. The courier uses hand sanitizer before the delivery and is supplied with gloves.
  3. Once the courier arrives to the customer’s home, an empty Apache Pizza box is placed on the floor right in front of the door.
  4. The ordered products are placed on top of the empty box, thus preventing them from touching the floor.
  5. The courier informs the customer that the order has arrived by ringing the doorbell or the telephone.
  6. Immediately, the courier steps away to a safe distance of minimum 2 meters and waits for the customer to pick up the products.
  7. Once the customer has picked up the order’s products and has closed the door, the courier picks up the empty box and proceeds to leave the customer’s building.


Will all delivery orders be completed using Contactless Delivery?

Yes, they will. Thus, we prevent any type of physical contact at the time of delivery of our products.


Does a Zero Contact Delivery cost extra?

No. We believe our customers deserve to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when ordering food in these uncertain times. What other measures is Apache Pizza implementing to protect its employees and customers? Our top priority is always to guarantee the health and wellness of our employees and customers. As a result, starting some weeks ago, the Crisis Committee of the company established the following measures and protocols of safety and hygiene for all our stores:


  • More frequent handwashing with viricidal disinfectants.
  • Increasing the cleaning and disinfecting measures in all work posts and uniforms.
  • Any employee exhibiting any symptom, even if they are mild and that they have no confirmation that are related to Covid-19, is sent home immediately and must contact the pertinent health authorities to get the respective tests.